What can Israelis & Palestinians learn from Northern Ireland? | DW News

No doubt the Israeli-Palestinian conflict counts as one of the world’s most entrenched and its appears resilient to reconciliation. But Gary Mason says an end to conflict – even in the most hopeless situations – is possible.
Gary Mason is a Methodist minister from Belfast in Northern Ireland. He played an important role in the Northern Irish Peace Process which resulted in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. Since then he has continued to work for peace at home and has expanded his reconciliation efforts abroad. His work has been recognized by Queen Elizabeth and former US President Bill Clinton.
In 2015 he founded the non-profit Rethinking Conflict. According to its website, the organization seeks to model the principles of the historic Good Friday Agreement and apply them to more fractured edges of society.
Last year he brought Israelis, Palestinians and Northern Irish people together for a Zoom virtual meeting.
He spoke with DW about the parallels between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Troubles in Northern Ireland, and what lessons can be drawn from the peace that was reached in the Good Friday Agreement.

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