Vaccine hesitant? Get answers to your most-asked questions

Wondering about severe side effects or if COVID-19 vaccines considered experimental? Dr. Cora Constantinescu, a pediatric infectious disease specialist with the Vaccine Hesitancy Clinic at Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, breaks down your most-asked vaccine questions.

0:23 Are COVID-19 vaccines considered experimental?
1:07 Why should I get the vaccine if it doesn’t fully protect me from COVID-19 or transmitting the virus?
1:57 COVID-19 has a 99.8 per cent survival rate. Why would I want to get a “blood-clotting” vaccine?
3:27 Does the vaccine protect against the coronavirus variants?
4:29 If I get vaccinated, will I test positive for COVID-19?
5:15 Is it safe to vaccinate my child against COVID-19?

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