Are Zimbabwe's promises of reform just shallow phrases? | Conflict Zone

Despite its repeated promises to deliver reforms since coming to power in 2017, Zimbabwe’s government has been unable to convince the international community that it is protecting human rights and tackling corruption. Foreign Minister Sibusiso Moyo says sanctions are causing “untold sufferings,” while observers point to a legacy of financial mismanagement and a lack of political will.
Where is the hope now in Zimbabwe for millions of people in extreme poverty and those facing the dire outcomes of a shattered economy? Sibusiso Moyo joins host Sarah Kelly on DW’s Conflict Zone. Watch the show and let us know what you think below.
0.00 “We believe that we are acting on corruption”
1.25 Where is the hope in Zimbabwe right now?
3.44 “This economy has got very strong fundamentals”
10.07 International sanctions “a weapon of mass destruction”
14.03 Are reform promises more than shallow phrases?
15.55 Sakunda Holdings
18.08 Health minister charged – a case of catch and release?
19.36 Human rights
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