Officer puts knee on man's neck during arrest in Pennsylvania, investigation underway

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Allentown police are investigating an incident that has now gone viral on social media, showing an officer placing his knee on a man’s neck in Pennsylvania.

According to Allentown’s own policy, the ‘use of neck restraints or similar weaponless control techniques (chokeholds) is prohibited’. However, CCTV footage shows three officers pinning a man to the ground, before one officer kneels on his neck.

A statement from the police department claims the individual was first seen stumbling, dropping his phone, and vomiting repeatedly. Two officers tried to direct the man to the emergency room, but were met with resistance. The physical interaction began as the police were apparently trying to place a spit mask on the man. This was for the purpose of protecting ‘hospital staff, officers and others from coming into contact with bodily fluids such as vomit and saliva’.
The man, who was clearly in crisis, received treatment and was later released. A police investigation into the use of neck restraint is underway.

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