The Point: Why did the U.S. send aircraft carriers to South China Sea?

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Two U.S. aircraft carriers, the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Nimitz, are in the waters of the South China Sea. It’s the first time Washington has sent dual carriers for drills in the area since 2014. This happened when the Chinese navy had just begun military drills in the area days before.

Is it a coincidence? What does the presence of dual carriers indicate? And with the U.S. struggling with the coronavirus, what’s the purpose of the U.S. move and the potential impact on China-U.S. relations and stability in the region?

Guests: Dr. Ivan Eland, Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute; Zhang Junshe, Senior Researcher at the Naval Research Academy; Einar Tangen, Current Affairs Commentator; Teng Jianqun, Military Analyst.

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