Victoria records 77 new COVID-19 infections "largely" in locked-down areas | ABC News

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Victoria has confirmed 77 new coronavirus cases, with the state’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton saying the cases are “largely” in the Melbourne suburbs locked down last night.

Dr Sutton addressed the media earlier.

0:00 Opening remarks


1:15 Are these cases all in the hot-zones?
1:56 How likely is it that we’re going to have to shut down other postcodes?
3:01 Why are we seeing such a large increase in the CBD?
3:17 What were your instructions to the Govt in how they should operate hotel quarantine? Whose recommendation was it that security companies should run them?
3:38 Are you involved now?
4:02 Do you think hotel quarantine has been botched?
4:30 The Ruby Princess inquiry was held really quickly so people could learn lessons while it was an emergency. Should the same happen in this case?
4:58 Of the 77 new cases, how many are from outside quarantine?
5:25 Would you expect a large number of community transmissions would be tracked back to hotel quarantine?
5:40 Are you aware of sexual relations between security guards and people in hotel quarantine?
5:59 Is it appropriate that security guards are still in charge of managing guests?
6:17 Is there any indication that the strain in Melbourne is more virulent than in other parts of the country?
6:48 Will you be going through the testing from the Doherty Institute to locate the spread?
7:13 Of the 415 active cases we have now, are you confident they lead back to hotel quarantine?
7:44 The number of new infections have largely stabilised, is there any comfort in that?
8:31 Are there other postcodes that are nearing the criteria for lockdown?
9:22 How many people are diagnosed who are actually getting sick?
9:59 Is there new data on how many people are asymptomatic?
10:56 How much confidence do you have that the tests are being done properly?
11:31 What about people self-testing?
12:08 With routine testing, is that likely to be linked back to an outbreak later?
12:30 Can you provide a breakdown by postcodes of cases?
12:45 Do you have any information about the NT case that’s been linked to Victoria?
13:20 Are Victorians going to die?
13:45 Have you got any more detail on today’s outbreak?
15:21 Are we seeing evidence of student-to-student transmission now?
16:44 Are you comfortable with schools returning?
17:33 Should we be testing more children?
18:29 What’s your message to frustrated people in these hotspots?
20:08 Is your message getting through?
21:30 Are we in critical mass now? Where are we at in terms of long-term projections?
20:15 Can you clarify the difference between the number of people from routine testing and the number of people under investigation, and why those things are different?
20:50 Can you name the CBD hotel where people are taken for quarantine?
23:15 Are you concerned about construction sites and the potential for contagion?
24:08 Do you have a breakdown of the Albanvale cases?
24:27 What is the reason for delays on testing results?
25:20 Is the ADF flying test samples interstate for analysis?

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