Did the BJP bungle India’s COVID-19 response? | Conflict Zone

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi took drastic measures as the coronavirus pandemic was spreading, ordering a lockdown with just four hours’ notice.
Critics say India’s COVID19 lockdown left millions stranded and didn’t keep the deadly virus from spreading

India has had 600,000 COVID19 cases to date and 20,000 deaths. The number of new cases is continuing to rapidly rise.

In March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in response to the global pandemic ordered a massive lockdown of the country, giving its 1.3 billion people just four hours’ notice. The measures hit many of the country’s poor migrant workers hard, leaving many stranded without shelter, food or transportation.

National spokesman of Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Sudhanshu Trivedi said no one was prepared for an unprecedented pandemic. Trivedi discussed the government’s response with DW’s Tim Sebastian for Conflict Zone.

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