Scope with Waqar Rizvi | Why is U.S spying on Anti-Racism protesters? | Ep 261 | Indus News

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Watch Waqar Rizvi conferring with a panel of experts on recent International events in the SCOPE.


1. Why is U.S spying on Anti-Racism protesters?
2. France: BDS activists’ conviction overturned by ECHR
3. Trump sanctions ICC personnel


1. Jim Williams – Journalist (Washington, DC.)
2. Nina Burleigh – Journalist (New York)
3. Frank Vincent Vernuccio – US Political Analyst (New York)
4. Huda Ammori – Human Rights Activist (London)
5. Adie Mormech – Human Rights Activist (Manchester, UK)
6. Thomas Pogge – Political Expert (New Haven, CT)

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