Medics demand protective equipment as Latin America becomes corona hot zone | Coronavirus Update

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Some of the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic:
– Across Latin America, many healthcare professionals are reporting that they have little or no access to personal protective equipment. They are carrying the heaviest burden in the fight against the coronavirus.
– The United Nations and Saudi Arabia are hosting a pledging conference to raise money for war-ravaged Yemen. The aim is to raise some 2.4 Billion dollars to support a population hit hard by malnutrition and, now, the coronavirus.
– Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan defended his decision to lift most lockdown measures – citing huge economic losses. He said if people take precautions, it is possible to “live with the virus.”
– The UK’s plan to introduce a a 14-day quarantine for people arriving from abroad is being criticized – with concerns that it may have a limited impact on public health.
– In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said her government will consider relaxing all restrictions sooner than planned, as the country’s fight against the virus is progressing “ahead of schedule.”


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