Coronavirus: Many European countries are lifting restrictions further – BBC News

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June 1st marks an important day for many countries around the world in their efforts to try and ease lockdown restrictions. But while countries like Spain and Italy can ease restrictions with the outbreak now under control, the road ahead for Brazil and Russia is much less clear – as cases continue to rise.

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The Netherlands is easing its partial lockdown today.

Museums can admit visitors again – though it’s advance bookings only and social distancing rules apply inside.

The Anne Frank House is restricting visitor numbers to 15 rather than the usual 83 guests every 15 minutes.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam will allow a fifth of the usual number inside every day. Some of the paintings have been rehung to ensure people can observe social distancing guidelines. Stickers on the floor remind people of the country’s 1.5m (5ft) rule.

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