Protests in Hong Kong After China Backed Security Law

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▶️Dozens of protesters gathered at an upscale mall in Hong Kong, Friday, May 29, the day after China’s National People’s Congress voted on imposing a national security law on Hong Kong.

Protesters wearing face masks chanted slogans and sang to voice their discontent with Beijing and the embattled Hong Kong government. Some displayed posters and flags.

👉Protesters gathered during lunchtime at an upscale shopping center in Hong Kong’s busy central business district.

“To take my last breath, I would come out and fight for freedom. There’s no freedom of speech, gatherings and education. They are trying to suppress as much as possible,” said Jerome Lau, 70-year-old protester.

Protesters observing coronavirus restrictions were holding a banner reading “Free Hong Kong – Revolution Now.”

Other banners draped over the balcony read “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times” and “Hong Kong Independence,” exactly what the protesters are fighting for and what Beijing is trying to suppress.

Police were on stand-by outside the shopping mall but did not seem to intervene.