Police Use Pepper Spray on Hong Kong Protesters at Shopping Mall

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Riot police rush into a shopping mall and use pepper spray to disperse hundreds of pro-democracy protesters gathering in small groups, chanting slogans and holding protest flags, Friday, May 1. The clash came after democracy activists threatened to defy a ban on gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic, though the streets remained largely calm on May Day.
READ MORE: Hong Kong police used pepper spray on Friday to disperse over a hundred protesters in a shopping mall who were singing and chanting pro-democracy slogans.

The demonstrators sang the protest anthem “Glory to Hong Kong” and chanted “Glory to Hong Kong, revolution of our times” in the New Town Plaza mall in Hong Kong’s New Territories.

As protesters gathered in the mall, riot police stopped and searched some and later told them to leave, saying they were violating social-distancing rules. The police then sprayed tear gas to disperse the crowd before cordoning off the atrium of the mall.

The protest was one of several that went ahead on May 1, Labor Day, despite rules that forbid public gatherings of more than four people.
LINK: https://www.voanews.com/east-asia-pacific/hong-kong-police-spray-tear-gas-protest-shopping-mall