Assignment Asia episode 123: The fight against COVID-19

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China, South Korea and other Asian countries are among the first ones to get hit by the novel coronavirus. And the prevention and control measures they took were evolving with the deeper understanding of this new virus. The story intends to show new challenges that this pandemic poses to implementation of the public health policies and to demonstrate effectiveness of the measures taken by China and South Korea at different stages.

A fangcang hospital is a kind of shelter hospitals used in Wuhan, Hubei during the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. Since the outbreak of the virus, regular hospitals find it hard to admit all patients. Meanwhile, those with mild symptoms under voluntary isolation could potentially infect their family members and neighbors. To cope with this situation, 16 temporary shelter hospitals were set up, providing a total of over 20,000 beds. As of March 10, 2020, all patients admitted have been discharged, and the hospitals shut down.

Yang Jing is a COVID-19 patient who was quarantined and treated in one such shelter hospital. During her stay, she recorded her daily life there, including the lives of other patients and medical staff, as well as others such as police officers and garbage collectors who put in their best efforts to ensure the patients’ speedy recovery and the control of the epidemic.

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