People Drive Out of Wuhan for First Time in Months

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For the first time in 11 weeks, people drove out of Wuhan, Wednesday, April 8, as the last travel restrictions were lifted in the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.
READ MORE: After more than two months indoors, Wuhan resident Tong Zhengkun was one of millions of people enjoying a renewed sense of freedom when the Chinese city’s 76-day coronavirus lockdown was lifted Wednesday.

“I haven’t been outside for more than 70 days,” an emotional Tong said as he watched a celebratory light display from a bridge across the broad Yangtze River flowing through the city, where the coronavirus outbreak started late last year. “Being indoors for so long drove me crazy.”

Streets in the city of 11 million people were clogged with traffic, and masked pedestrians visited the few snack shops that had reopened in the business district. Long lines formed at the airport, and at train and bus stations as thousands streamed out of the city to return to their homes and jobs elsewhere in the country. Yellow barriers that had blocked off some streets were gone, although the gates to residential compounds remained guarded.