Coronavirus: Robots Serve Food To Patients in India

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Robots are being tested in India’s Chennai to serve food and medication to patients in isolation wards, Monday, April 6.

India has lifted a ban to allow limited exports of an anti-malaria drug sought by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Hydroxychloroquine has attracted attention as a possible treatment for coronavirus, although there is no conclusive evidence that it fights the infection.

Trump told reporters Monday at a White House press briefing in Washington that he had asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a phone call over the weekend to ensure the supply of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).

India is one of the world’s main producers and suppliers of generic drugs.

India restricted last month the import of some common medicines including hydroxychloroquine, the widely used pain reliever paracetamol, certain antibiotics and various vitamins as the number of coronavirus cases surged across the globe.

India now has recorded about 4,500 cases of the virus and more than 114 deaths – a small number compared to several other countries. There are fears, though, that those numbers could rise if it spreads into densely packed urban slums.