Donald Trump raises expected deaths up to 240,000 +++ Covid-19 in Afghanistan | Coronavirus Update

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US President Trump has told Americans to prepare for “a very painful two weeks”. He was speaking as the country’s death toll from the coronavirus surpassed 4,000 – greater than China’s official tally. President Trump said as many as 240-thousand people in the US could die, even if current social distancing measures were maintained.
Afghanistan has recorded nearly 200 coronavirus cases and four deaths. Authorities there are taking steps to halt the spread of infection. But after years of war, the health system is weak and would be overwhelmed if the number of cases grows as it has in other countries. The country’s problems are exacerbated by the return of thousands of people from Iran – one of the countries worst by Covid-19.
Some more of the latest developments in this pandemic:
– China has reported for the first time on numbers of asymptomatic cases. It says 13-hundred people have tested positive, despite showing no symptoms.
– The captain of a US aircraft carrier is calling for urgent help to quarantine his crew of 4,000. The Theodore Roosevelt is docked in Guam in the Pacific, with the disease spreading rapidly onboard.
– A 12-year-old girl has died in Belgium – she’s thought to be Europe’s youngest victim so far.
– Tuesday saw France, the UK and Spain record their highest daily death tolls so far.

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