COVID19 outbreak: Trump says he wants to lift coronavirus lockdown by Easter

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2. SOUNDBITE (English) Donald Trump, U.S. President:”You know, there were theories that we’re going to stay out for four or five months and you can’t do that. It could… you destroy our country if you did a thing like that. And we’re going to be opening relatively soon. And we are… our time comes up on Monday or Tuesday or, you know, the allotted two weeks. But we’ll stay a little bit longer than that. But we want to get open very soon. I think that was a big reason it’s gone up. I also think that the fact that the Senate and the House, we seem to be getting along as much as you can get along. We seem to be getting along now on a on a bill. I think that maybe had even less of an impact than the fact that we’re opening up this incredible country because we have to do that. I’d love to have it open by Easter.”

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