Coronavirus outbreak in France: Paris residents clap and dance to support health care professionals

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UPSOUND “We need everyone to motivate the nurses”Clapping and dancing to tunes of support Paris residents found their own way of spreading good will to health care professionals on Tuesday nightShouting and singing from their balconies as the lockdown continued Upsound”Let’s hope that this shit coronavirus doesn’t kill anybody” France has been one of the countries most impacted by the spread of the virus, forcing the government on Monday evening to announce strict measures on movement across all major citiesBut that didn’t deter locals confined to their homes from finding a way to band together….as the appartments of the Paris suburb, Montreuil came alive with exlamations of solidarity and defianceUpsound Child “Yeah…we’re still alive!”UPSOUND “Bravo health care workers bravo…Bravo health Care workers”…with the biggest plaudits saved for doctors and nurses fighting on the frontlines against COVID-19

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