Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan: Bollywood releases first gay romantic comedy

A colourful wedding, choreographed dances, and families opposed to the union. It’s a staple formula for many Bollywood films.
Except this time the wedding is between two men – a plot that marks a first for a mainstream Indian romantic comedy.TC 00 :19 – 00 :24AMBIANCE to be subtitled« Friends, Shankar Tripathi is very sick. The name of his illness is homophobia »
Place: Delhi, India
In the three weeks since its release, SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN, or “Be careful of this special Union” in English has racked up 10 million euros at the Box office.
Ashish Ramia”It is educating people in a good way.” (we recommend you voice over this as his English is not very good, and what he is saying is “It is educational, in a good way.”)
Aditya Gupta”After seeing this movie, definitely people will think about that and accept the relationship between two men.”
Place: Mumbai, India
Despite its decriminalization in 2018, homosexuality remains a taboo in India.
To encourage viewers to set aside their biases, the director decided to cast well loved Bollywood stars in the film.
SOUND BITEHitesh Kewalya – Director “Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan””We really wanted the families to come and see because the message had to be brought to them and it was packaged in a way that people come and see and not just enjoy but take back a conversation
Until now, portrayals of homosexuality in Indian cinema were limited to minor roles, usually caricatures, or small independent films that were not widely released in theatres.
Now, the success of a commercial film like this one might be a game changer
SOUND BITESridhar Rangayan – Founder of the KASHISH LGBT Film Festival of Mumbai”Whatever films have been released with this subject people have not flocked to the theatres and watched it. They will wait, I think earlier it w as also stigma – what will people think if I go to the theatre to watch any particular film. Fiml like that will normalise the word homosexuality, normalise the word gay. I really hope that more and more parents start accepting their chidlren.”
For the estimated 104 million LGBTQ people in India, who represent 8% of the population, sensitive portrayals in Bollywood are a great step forward.

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