Can Benjamin Netanyahu finally form a government? | Inside Story

Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed a general election victory, but its not yet in the bag.
He’s been fighting to stay on as Israel’s Prime minister for a record fifth term.
That’s after two previous general elections failed to produce a clear winner, and Netanyahu and his main rival Beni Gantz couldn’t form a government.
Now his chances of staying in power have been unexpectedly boosted.
After the third election in less than a year, exit polls show he has a significant lead.
Another potential first for Mr Netanyahu: he COULD end up as the first Israeli leader to hold office, while also being tried for corruption.
But what could Netanyahu do with this mandate, both at home and abroad?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie

Oren Feld, member of the Hadash Party.
Fleur Hassan-Nahou, member of the Likud Party and the Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem for Foreign Relations.
Sami Abu Shehadeh, Balad Party politician and Member of the Knesset.

The US Federal Reserve has cut interest rates by half a percentage point.
The Fed says it’s an emergency move to protect the economy from the impact of the coronavirus.
The markets are reacting.
Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi has more from Washington DC.

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