Hong Kong Police Clash With Protesters At Site of Subway Incident

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Hong Kong police clashed with protesters marking the six month commemoration of a violent incident at the Prince Edward subway station, Saturday, February 29.
READ MORE: The clashes occurred a day after outspoken Hong Kong publisher Jimmy Lai and two prominent opposition politicians were charged with illegal assembly over a pro-democracy march last year as the territory’s Beijing-backed government appeared to move to settle scores over the protests.

The months of demonstrations calling for reforms in semiautonomous Hong Kong crippled its economy and put its leaders and police force under unprecedented pressure.

Lai was picked up from his home by police officers early Friday, while Yeung Sum, a former pro-democracy legislator, and Lee Cheuk-yan, a former legislator and vice chairman of the Labour Party, were also arrested.
LINK: https://www.voanews.com/press-freedom/publisher-2-politicians-charged-over-hong-kong-protests