President Trump in London for NATO meeting – BBC News

President Trump in London for NATO meeting - BBC News
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US President Donald Trump has arrived in London for a meeting between NATO leaders, promising not to get involved in the UK’s general election campaign, before doing precisely that. He said he was a ‘fan of Brexit’ and thought Boris Johnson was ‘very capable’. He then added he could work ‘with anybody’ in Number Ten. The election is just nine days away. Mr Trump also denied that the NHS would be on the table in any future trade talks with the UK.

Meanwhile divisions between NATO leaders have been exposed during the day. President Trump accused President Macron of France of being ‘nasty’ and ‘disrespectful’ for describing NATO as ‘brain dead’. Mr Macron defended his comments and highlighted differences with Turkey, which are threatening to derail efforts to set up a new missile defence system.

Huw Edwards presents tonight’s BBC News at Ten and unravels the day’s events with the BBC’s chief political correspondent Vicki Young and diplomatic correspondent James Robbins.

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