"Commitments reduction aimed at saving JCPOA"

"Commitments reduction aimed at saving JCPOA"
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Iran’s deputy foreign minister has defended Tehran’s measures to scale back its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal in the face of the U-S pullout.
Abbas Araqchi said these measures are aimed at saving the accord, known as the Joint Comprehensives Plan of Action, J-C-P-O-A. He stressed that the Islamic Republic’s move is not tantamount to quitting the agreement. Araqchi added that the U-S violated the resolution 22-31 of the UN Security Council by its unilateral withdrawal from the J-C-P-O-A. The Iranian deputy foreign minister was speaking at a conference in Japan. Earlier, he held talks with his Chinese counterpart in Beijing who said the U-S withdrawal from the J-C-P-O-A and its maximum pressure on Iran risk the total collapse of the agreement.

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