Can you vape safely? A doctor takes your questions

Can you vape safely? A doctor takes your questions
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Respirologist Dr. John Granton answers questions about vaping as a smoking alternative, health consequences and future regulations.

1:53 – Which is better for you, smoking tobacco or vaping it?

3:53 – Do we know the harms associated with vaping?

5:09 – Do we know death rates for smoking as opposed to vaping?

6:22 – Is the second-hand vapour dangerous?

7:11 – Why do people claim that vaping is safer than smoking?

7:57 – Is there any way to vape safely?

8:38 – Why can’t the government just ban the products or pull them from the market?

9:40 – Is there concern within the medical community about how the regulatory framework works?

10:31 – Why was this for-profit approach for a nicotine product allowed?

11:42 – What is the best method to stop smoking?

12:53 – Does the benefit of reducing cigarette consumption outweigh potential harm from vaping?

14:40 – Is cannabis vaping as harmful as e-cigarette vaping?

16:03 – Is it the chemicals or the temperature produced by the products?

16:35 – Is there a requirement to list all ingredients on vapes?

18:05 – Should vaping be banned from the same public spaces as tobacco smoke?

18:56 – Is part of the problem a lack of sterilization?

19:39 – What are some strategies for people who want to quit vaping but are worried about it sending them back to cigarettes?

21:05 – When can we expect to hear from policymakers about solutions for young people?

22:07 – What are the basic elements for a reasonable health policy for vaping?

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