EU top diplomat: JCPOA should be kept alive

EU top diplomat: JCPOA should be kept alive
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The European Union’s new foreign policy chief says the bloc is doing everything it can to keep the Iran nuclear deal alive.
Josep Borrell has told Spain’s leading newspaper, El-pa-ees, that the EU has the greatest interest in keeping the unravelling deal up and running. Borrell said it is a big mistake to let the 20-15 pact die. The 72-year-old diplomat, who took over from Federica Mogherini on December one, urged Iran to stick to the deal as it is best for the country. The multilateral agreement has been at risk since the U-S pulled out of it in May 20-18 and re-imposed tough sanctions on Iran. Tehran began to roll back its commitments to the deal a year later in phased fashion.

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