Sahel & other topics -Daily Noon Briefing (19 November 2019)

Sahel & other topics -Daily Noon Briefing (19 November 2019)
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Noon briefing by Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesman for the Secretary-General

Noon Briefing:

– Middle East
– Secretary – Generals’s Remarks
– Sahel
– Afghanistan
– Syria
– Toilet Day

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says that violence and insecurity have sparked an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in parts of Burkina Faso, Mali and western Niger.
The number of internally displaced persons has now risen to more than 750,000. This is ten times more people than a year ago.   
According to the World Food Programme, 2.4 million people need food assistance in Central Sahel – a figure that could rise due to continued displacements.
In a statement, the head of WFP, David Beasley, said teams on the ground in Burkina Faso are seeing malnutrition levels pushed well past emergency thresholds.
As you can imagine, the crisis is affecting the most vulnerable families, compounding the impact of food insecurity, malnutrition and epidemics.
This year, 6.1 million people in the affected regions need urgent assistance, including 3.9 million in Mali, 1.5 million in Burkina Faso, and 700,000 people in western Niger.
The UN and humanitarian organizations, in support of national and local authorities, are scaling up their assistance and need over 700 million to help 4.7 million people in the three countries. This appeal is only 47 per cent funded.

Today is World Toilet Day, marking this year will be the theme: Leaving no One Behind.
Close to half of the world’s population- or to be exact 4.2 billion people – are still living without safely managed sanitation. This is not without consequences and it is estimated that inadequate sanitation causes over 400,000 diarrheal deaths every year.
World Toilet Day aims to remind all of us that we need to do much more to achieve Sustainable Goal 6 – or sanitation for all, by 2030.

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