Climate Apocalypse: Is it too late?

Climate Apocalypse: Is it too late?
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We’re told to recycle, upcycle and downcycle. We’re told to ditch the straws and forgo plastic cups. We indoctrinate our kids with the “rinse and reuse” mantra. But are these efforts futile in preventing climate change?

American novelist Jonathan Franzen has unleashed a maelstrom of controversy by asserting that in order to prepare for the climate apocalypse we must admit we can’t prevent it. He recently published an essay in The New Yorker making his case, in which he readily admitted he’s no scientist, but maintained society needs to stop pretending that efforts to heal Mother Earth will prevent the inevitable.

Climate scientists such as Kate Marvel took umbrage with Franzen’s essay. In a rebuttal, she reaffirmed what the science community believes: that given we understand the drivers of climate change we can work to make a difference.

On this episode of The Stream we ask our panel who is ultimately responsible for preventing climate change and… is it even possible?

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