Hong Kong: Crowd Sings and Chants in Support for Protesters

Hong Kong: Crowd Sings and Chants in Support for Protesters
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Footage from VOA’s Mandarin Service shows thousands of people crowding shopping centers around Hong Kong, Thursday, September 12, for late-night flash mob-like displays of peaceful protest.
Thousands of people belted out a new protest song at Hong Kong’s shopping malls in an act of resistance that highlighted the creativity of demonstrators in their months-long fight for democratic freedoms in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.
Activists and ordinary citizens sang “Glory to Hong Kong” at several malls for a third straight night Wednesday in a respite from recent violence clashes. More protests are expected this weekend, though on Thursday police banned one planned rally, citing safety concerns.
The protesters have adopted the song, penned anonymously, as their anthem. The lyrics reflect protesters’ vow not to surrender despite a government concession to axe a proposed extradition law that sparked the summer of unrest.

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