EXCLUSIVE: Dominic Grieve says a prime minister is 'not above the law'

EXCLUSIVE: Dominic Grieve says a prime minister is 'not above the law'
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Dominic Grieve is a former Conservative Attorney General, and a British member of parliament who’s set himself up in a head-on clash with Boris Johnson.

When he voted on September 4th in favour of a law aimed at stopping a so-called “No Deal Brexit”, his own party forced him to become an Independent MP.

He’s also convinced parliament to back a legal bid to compel Boris Johnson’s team to publish their messages regarding the suspension of parliament – telling the government it has to decide whether it is –in his words:
“a bunch of hoodlums who are just smashing the pace up to achieve a particular end – or a respectable group of people trying to operate within our constitutional laws.”

In our interview we find out what he thinks will happen next, following Scotland’s highest court’s ruling that the suspension of the UK parliament was “unlawful” – and whether he believes Boris Johnson will abide by the new law and ask the EU for a Brexit extension, if the UK parliament still hasn’t accepted a deal by October 19th.

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