Brexit: documents shed light on worst-case scenario of no-deal exit

Brexit: documents shed light on worst-case scenario of no-deal exit
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Neverending queues at border crossings… shortages of fuel, medicines and fresh produce… daily protests… panic and public disorder…According to British government documents this could become reality in the very near future — if the UK crashes out of the European Union without a deal.DLS scrollThis five page document dated August 2 outlines the worst case scenarios that could result from a no-deal Brexit… and warns that the country is not ready for it.DLS citationPublic and business readiness for a no-deal will remain at a low level, and will decrease to lower levels, because the absence of a clear decision on the form of EU Exit […] does not provide a concrete situation for third parties to prepare for.The document was first leaked to the Sunday Times newspaper on August 18, but has only now been officially confirmed by the government… after MPs ordered the release of all documents related to Operation Yellowhammer — the government’s no-deal plan.Lawmakers ALSO requested private communications between government advisers about proroguing parliament… which the government refused.

Speaking to France 24 before the government’s response, the conservative MP who launched the order said there would be consequences.SOT Dominic Grieve, British MP and former Attorney General (2010-2014)if the communications aren’t released then the decision on what happens next is for the House of Commons to take collectively…But it is a very serious matter.Legal challenges to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament have been piling up… the UK’s top court is set to make a final decision on the matter next Tuesday .

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