Hong Kong Protesters Forming Human Chain

Hong Kong Protesters Forming Human Chain
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Supporters of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement lined city streets and part of the city’s harbor front Friday, August 23, inspired by a human chain from a historic Baltic states protest against Soviet control 30 years ago.
Some raised linked hands while others switched on their smartphone lights and held the devices aloft to create a row of white lights against the night-time skyline.
Organizers hoped the chains, which traced three subway routes, would total 40 kilometers (25 miles) in length.
It was the latest protest in a nearly 11-week-old movement that began with calls to scrap a now-suspended extradition bill and has widened to include demands for full democracy and an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality at protests.
Organizers of “The Hong Kong Way” said it would be a show of solidarity against the extradition law and police violence, as well as a plea for international support. (AP)