Hong Kong protesters clash with police at subway station

Hong Kong protesters clash with police at subway station
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▶️ Demonstrators protested in Hong Kong, Wednesday, August 21.

👉 It was the latest in a series of demonstrations, which have sometimes turned violent, since June against a perceived erosion of freedoms in the Chinese-ruled former British colony.

Hong Kong riot police faced off briefly with protesters occupying a Yuen Long train station Wednesday evening following a commemoration of a violent attack there by masked assailants on supporters of the anti-government movement.
Police with riot shields faced off at the station entrance against a group of remaining protesters, who sprayed a firehose and spread soap on the floor to slow a police approach, while piling up trash bins, a wheelchair and umbrellas in a makeshift blockade. They also discharged fire extinguishers, creating a cloud obscuring visibility. The station’s entrance shutters were lowered, barricading the protesters inside. The confrontation ended without further incident, as police retreated and protesters left on trains. (AP)