Meet Taiwan's Death Metal Politician | Foreign Correspondent

Meet Taiwan's Death Metal Politician | Foreign Correspondent
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Meet Taiwan’s biggest death metal musician and politician Freddy Lim. The charismatic Lim is famous amongst young people as the front man for cult death metal band Chthonic but now he’s pushing his message of Taiwanese independence to a broader audience.

Banned from playing in Hong Kong and on the mainland, Freddy Lim’s stage is his political platform.

Echoing the voices of Hong Kong’s young protestors, Freddy says: “We have no choice. We can’t give up because Taiwan is our home. We have nowhere to escape. We just have to try to protect our way of life.”

Watch this profile of Freddy Lim, interviewed by Foreign Correspondent reporter Bill Birtles.

Here’s the full report DEATH METAL DIPLOMACY:

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