Who will be Britain's next Prime Minster? | Inside Story

Who will be Britain's next Prime Minster? | Inside Story
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Brexit is the main issue as candidates battle to lead the UK’s Conservative Party.

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The race to become Britain’s next Prime Minister is well underway, with six men in the running to lead the governing Conservative Party.
By July, one of them will replace Theresa May.
She is stepping down after parliament refused three times to back her deal to take the UK out of the European Union.
Brexit dominated the candidates’ first televised debate.
However, the man many consider as the frontrunner, Boris Johnson, didn’t even show up.

So who will win? And how will the next leader deal with an issue that has divided the Conservative Party and the United Kingdom?

Presenter: Martine Dennis


John Johnston – Political Reporter at Politics Home.

Steven Erlanger – Chief Diplomatic Correspondent for the New York Times.

Mark Garnett – Senior Lecturer in British Politics at Lancaster University.

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