Hawke Memorial: Bob Hawke "conducts" the Hallelujah Chorus | ABC News

Hawke Memorial: Bob Hawke "conducts" the Hallelujah Chorus | ABC News
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Former prime minister Bob Hawke has been remembered at a memorial service at the Sydney Opera House.

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Thousands of people gathered inside the harbourside icon and at its forecourt to pay tribute to Mr Hawke, who died aged 89 on May 16.

The loudest applause was saved for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Sydney Philharmonic Choir’s rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus.

Mr Hawke had conducted Handel’s famous oratorio at the same venue 10 years ago for his 80th birthday, and a video of that moment was beamed over the stage.

He was remembered as a larrikin with an unwavering commitment to his job.

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