Brexit: Deal or No Deal? | Bigger Than Five

Brexit: Deal or No Deal? | Bigger Than Five
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Nearly three years after the UK voted to leave the EU, and after three failed attempts to push a deal through Parliament, there is still deadlock and uncertainty about how to deliver BREXIT. Whoever succeedsTheresa May as Prime Minister will have to find a way out of the crisis. There are 10 ten candidates vying for the job of British Prime Minister. The leading contender is Boris Johnson. He wants the UK to leave the EU with or without a deal by October 31st, the current deadline. So, will the United Kingdom walk out of the European Union without a deal? And what would a no-deal Brexit mean for the EU and the rest of the world?

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Guests on the show:
Ann Widdecombe
MEP, Brexit Party

Hilary Fordwich
British American Business Association

Theodore Christov
Professor, George Washington University

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