Will pressuring Sudan make a difference? | Inside Story

Will pressuring Sudan make a difference? | Inside Story
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Will pressuring Sudan make a difference?: With more than 100 protesters killed in the past week, international pressure is growing on Sudan’s military faction to compromise with its opponents.

Ethiopia is leading mediation efforts to end the standoff. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is in Khartoum, where he’s due to meet both sides.
The goal is for the military to hand over power to civilians- but after this week’s violent crackdown, the protest leaders see little reason to trust the army.
They’ve refused further talks and say they’ll continue their demonstrations.
The African Union has suspended Sudan over its crackdown. It won’t be allowed to take part in the regional bloc unless civilians are put in charge.
The AU says this is the only way out of the crisis. But the military’s been sending mixed messages.
On Wednesday it said it was open to negotiations with the protesters.
So, how much power is the military ready to give up?

Presenter: Halla Mohieddeen

Adama Gaye, author of ‘Tomorrow the New Africa’ and former information director for ECOWAS.
Mehari Taddele Maru, Robert Schuman Fellow and former African Union official commission.
John Ryle, professor of anthropology at Bard College, New York state, and founder of the Rift Valley Institute

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