Monsanto ordered to pay $2bn to couple in new Roundup trial

Monsanto ordered to pay $2bn to couple in new Roundup trial
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This California couple has been battling cancer for 9 years and they were just awarded over 2 billion dollars in damages against Monsanto, the maker of the weedliller Roundup, that they believe gave them lymphoma…SOUNDBITE 1 – Alberta Pilliod, plaintiff in trial against Monsanto (woman, English, 15 sec):”We wish that Monsanto had warned us ahead of time about the dangers of using Monsanto and that there was something on the front of their label that said ‘Danger, may cause cancer’.”Monsanto is now owned by Bayer. THey said they plan to appeal and maintain glyphosate, an ingrediant in Roundup, is safe for human use. This is the 3rd time since August that a US court has awarded heafty damages against the company. By far the largest penalty, lawyers agree it is likely to be reduced on appeal. But for Alva and Alberta Pilliod and their lawyers the sum of 1 billion dollars per plaintiff… sends an important message: SOUNDBITE 5 – Brent Wisner, Alva and Alberta Pilliod’s attorney (man, English, 16 sec):”They paid 63 billion dollars to buy Monsanto. By they, I mean Bayer. They have the resources to pay for this case and the tens of thousands of other people out there who have cancer. Thousands of lawsuits are in the works, with a total of some 13,000 plaintiffs in the US.Trouble is also brewing in Europe against the makers of the world’s most used weed killer.. After it emmerged that Monsanto had kept lists of politicians and scientists in France who were for- or agaisnt- them. Shady lobbying tactics were also discussed at trial, as Monsanto documents emmerged they bullied scientists to tout glyphosate’s purported safety.Still approved by the EPA and the Euroepan Chemicals Agency, it remains on the market and in use, despite widespread fears it causes cancer.

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