Lok Sabha elections 2019: Who will help India's farmers? | DW News

Lok Sabha elections 2019: Who will help India's farmers? | DW News
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In India, the fifth phase of voting is underway in the world’s biggest parliamentary election. One of the major issues in the campaign is the agrarian crisis. Nearly 70 percent of the people in India depend directly or indirectly on agriculture. There have been angry protests against falling crop prices and mounting debt. Prime Minsister Narendra Modi and opposition candidates are doing what they can to attract farmers’ votes. For example, Rahu Gandhi, of the opposition Congress Party, promises a separate budget for farmers. Nearly 900 million Indians are eligible to vote in the Lok Sabha election, which is why voting in staggered. There are seven polling days across different regions. The first was on April 11th. The last will be May 19th. The election guidelines stipulate that voters should not have to travel more than two kilometers to cast their ballot, so one million polling stations have been set up across the country to reach voters, even in the most remote parts of the country. At the end of the six-week voting period, the results will be announced on May 23rd. DW correspondent Sonia Phalnikar went to the state of Madhya Pradesh to see how the issue of farmers’ distress is playing out in the election.
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