Algerian protesters arm themselves with legal know how

Algerian protesters arm themselves with legal know how
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Their long time leader might have bid farewell to power, but these Algerians want even deeper changes.So they’ve come to this makeshift classroom in the capital for a little lesson in constitutional law.It’s atopici key to get to grips with – following Bouteflika’s resignation, and with an interim President sworn in for 90 days. SOT TEACHER”The 90 day thing isn’t important, it could be 84 days for example. What’s important is when that time limit begins. And on this point, the constitution doesn’t say that it begins when the resignation is communicated to parliament”Students, doctors or manual labourers…all have come to open their eyes and ears.The popularity of these classes stems from the fact that most Algerians are largely ignorant to the ins and outs of their constitution…Many blame their school’s curriculum for their lack of legal know-how.SOT STUDENT”I know that we’re living in decisive times. It’s important for me to learn more about the constitution…to know if we elect a new President before or after a new constitution is written. This is something I never learnt about in school” Held in living rooms or in parks, these lessons have become more and more commonplace since anti-government demonstrations first flared on February 22nd.As yet, there’s no sign that the weekly street protests will come to an end anytime soon. Demostrators have vowed to stay put until they’ve seen the back of every last Bouteflika loyalist.

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