New Zealand attack; Algeria mass protests; Global climate strike

New Zealand attack; Algeria mass protests; Global climate strike
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It’s New Zealand’s worst-ever terror attack. 49 killed, nearly as many injured in an assault perpetrated by a self-proclaimed white supremacist against two mosques in Christchurch. The attacker live streaming the attack during Friday prayer on Facebook live. Two other men and one woman were detained nearby and firearms seized. One of them has since been released.

Also, in Algeria even more citizens in the streets than last Friday when record crowds forced the regime to withdraw the name of the country’s incapacitated president from the ballot. Protesters want wholesale change in a nation governed by the same elite since independence from France.

School students across the globe walk out of their classrooms to protest against governments inaction on climate change. Growing numbers of middle and high school pupils rallying around the planet, including in Stockholm, where it all started last August with the weekly initiative of 16-year old Greta Thunberg who addressed crowds in the Swedish capital. Meanwhile, the French president shored up his green credentials by co-hosting a One Planet Summit in the company of his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta. Emmanuel Macron on a tour of East Africa, while back home environmental groups were suing the French state for not going green fast enough.

Finally, British lawmakers voted to delay Brexit. After two years of talks, the UK waited until two weeks before the deadline, but a deal is still a long way off.

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