Watch Sean Hannity change tune on bill after Trump intervenes

Watch Sean Hannity change tune on bill after Trump intervenes
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Initially, Trump was distressed when he watched Sean Hannity and other Fox News hosts deride the plan, including as he watched recorded versions of prime-time programming during a late-night flight home on Monday from Texas, where he’d held a campaign rally.

Trump spent much of the flight phoning allies to seek counsel and bemoan what he viewed as the lackluster negotiating efforts by Republicans. Hannity, who the President often calls late at night after his show ends, cut away from the rally in El Paso Monday night to dismiss the breakthrough as a “garbage compromise.”

“1.3 billion? That’s not a — not even a wall, a barrier?” Hannity said. “Any Republican that supports this garbage compromise, you will have to explain. Look at this crowd. Look at the country. Look at CBS News, even they say 72% of the American people want the heroin to stop, the cartels to stop, the gang members to stop, and those that wish us ill.”

But Hannity’s tone had changed markedly by the next night.

“I’m not happy either,” Hannity said Tuesday. “Nobody should be happy. The President has every right to be angry.”

Hannity said that while he had “no insider information,” he believed the President would declare a national emergency.

“And the President, I think I know him pretty well, telegraphed that very thing just today,” Hannity added.

The difference in those 24 hours were a slew of phone calls from the White House to the President’s allies in the media, framing the deal as a win for Trump by making two points: that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was taking a loss because she said the President would not get more than $1 for his wall, while pledging that Trump would take executive action to secure further funding for the wall beyond the $1 billion dollars included in the agreement.

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