Assignment Asia Episode 99: Threats and casualties

Assignment Asia Episode 99: Threats and casualties
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The world we live in is riddled with threats and casualties, ranging from those that are man-made, and others that are less susceptible to human interference and are largely divine intervention.

Floryday WW

In the Pakistani city of Karachi, one of the single biggest threats to sustainable development is climate change. Over the last decade, abnormally high temperatures have been recorded in the city. But as Danial Khan found out, one man in Karachi has chosen to take on the task of waging war against rising temperatures.

Over in Thailand, even though wars and conflicts have long ended, landmines left by insurgents and government forces continue to kill and maim the innocent. At the Thai border with Laos, Martin Lowe met up with a team of de-miners who are determined to prevent further casualties from those long-forgotten conflicts.

In the Philippines, 24-year-old Junry Balawing is the world’s shortest man alive, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Born in a remote town in the southern Philippines, Junry has difficulties standing and walking. Cheryl Baldicantos recently caught up with Junry, who stopped growing at the age of one. #AsiaAssignment #Pakistan #Thailand #Philippines

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