Laurel and Hardy for the YouTube generation

Laurel and Hardy for the YouTube generation
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What should the YouTube generation make of the comedy of Laurel and Hardy as a new film looks back at their partnership?

John C Reilly, who plays Oliver Hardy, said he watched the pair on video tapes and that their work is still “very very funny”.

He said: “It’s still very, very funny. I’m really excited for younger people who might not be familiar with them to check out some of their work.”

Steve Coogan said he wanted to “shine a light” on the men themselves, as well as exploring their public image.

Both explained their excitement for a younger generation to rediscover the comedy duo.

Mr Coogan was nominated for a BAFTA for his portrayal of Stan Laurel along with the film’s nominations for Best Makeup and Best British film.

:: Stan and Ollie is out now

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