Trump prepared to shut government for years – BBC News

Trump prepared to shut government for years - BBC News
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The US president says he wants the government to reopen quickly but is prepared to keep it closed for months or even a year as he seeks a border wall.

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What does the partial shutdown mean?
– About 25% of the US federal government has no funding
– Nine departments have been affected, including Homeland Security, Justice, Housing, Agriculture, Commerce, Interior, and the Treasury
– Native American tribes who receive substantial federal funding are struggling
– National Parks have become hazardous without staff

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This came after he met senior Democrats, who refused his requests for funding to build a US-Mexico border wall.

The stand-off has seen Mr Trump withhold support for a bill to fully fund the government until he gets money for the border wall.

He said he was prepared for the partial government shutdown – now in its third week – to last years.

Around 800,000 federal workers have been without pay since 22 December.


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